Layered Jello Ice Cream Dessert (Any Flavor) – EASY!


This recipe is VERY easy and always a hit at get bbq’s and potlucks! You can play with the flavors of the Jello and tweak it to your liking.

Jello Ice Cream Dessert

Yep, it separates as it sets up! Very cool!


  • 2 – 6 oz. boxes of flavored Jello  (here we used large orange boxes, but strawberry is good too!)
  • 4 cups water
  • 4 cups vanilla ice cream
  • cool whip


1. Pour water into medium size saucepan and boil.

2. Pour jello packets into medium-large bowl of your choice.

(I like a flat bottom, clear bowl so the kids can see the layers.)

3. While you are waiting for the water to reach a rolling boil, get the ice cream scooped out into a large measuring cup.

4. Add the boiling water to the dry jello in the bowl. Use caution when handling the boiling water.

5. Stir mixture until Jello is fully dissolved.

6. Add the ice cream. Jello will still be hot enough to melt the ice cream.

7. Just keep stirring! The ice cream will dissolve it may take a few minutes though.

8. Place in the refrigerator for 4-6 hours to set. It will be hard for the kids not to check on it every 15 minutes because of how cool it looks! Once set, enjoy!

Hint: Try Strawberry Jello and add fresh fruit to the top once set for a pretty dessert!

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