This Week Has Been Exciting!

So the snow is starting to melt here in the Interior of Alaska and it’s such a beautiful sight! Today it reached +45 degrees! We experienced a pretty harsh winter with temperatures that got down to -50 at one point. Yes, you did read that right. Now I can see the green grass popping through the little bit of snow left and I must say I’m excited!

Not only that but my family and I interviewed for a cooking television show this week. How fun right?! It features military spouses and I couldn’t be more over the moon to have the opportunity! Yes, I’m always this excited. Trust me.. my kids get annoyed!

Cooking has always been such a passion of mine. I can remember the days of my Mom letting me get in the kitchen and cook with her. It’s those memories that carry on even though she’s passed. With those memories she will always be with me. Her favorite dish? Well, I would say it was S.O.S… she didn’t call it the polite version either. Boy, she had a mouth on her!

My binder next to my Mom’s old cookbook.

So today I started working on my recipe binder for my teenage son. It’s nothing fancy but it holds our family treasures. It’s a collection of recipes from my grandmother, my aunts, my mother and friends that I’ve collected over the years. I’ve teased my son saying he’s going to be the most popular guy in his dorm room.. he’ll be cooking and smelling up the hallways!

Today I would like to get to know you, the people that read my blog and hopefully like my posts! Please comment where you are from and your favorite dish! Add your blog link also!

If you have a blog I’ll check it out, I love to try new recipes!

Thank you everyone for being so welcoming me to the blogging community! IMG_2994


4 Comments Add yours

  1. So nice to meet you. Alaska! I feel sorry for myself here in New England, where we had a snow storm last weekend. But…Alaska! I agree with you about recipes. I use recipes of my mom all the time, and love looking at her handwriting, tasting the casseroles I grew up with. When my kids married, they both individually called me and asked, ‘Mom, how do I make that Poppy Seed Chicken dish?” Made me feel sooo good. Anyway, I live outside of Boston now, but I consider my ‘home’ the SF Bay area, where I raised my family for over 18 years. My blog is Come on over again.


    1. Nice to meet you also! I’m originally from California.. Central Coast actually! Mm.. Poppy Seed Chicken dish sounds wonderful!!


  2. Missy says:

    A man with cooking skills is definitely a plus! I have a collection of family recipes that I cherish so. It makes for a great heirloom and resource!


    1. Agreed!! It’s nice to meet you!


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